Traumadelic Culture: Putting Soul Back in Psychedelics with Brian James

Brian James: Traumadelic Culture: Putting Soul Back in Psychedelics, Episode 121, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Brian James is an Archetypal Coach, musician, artist and cultural activist based outside of Victoria BC, Canada. Over the past decade he has dedicated himself to helping other creatives and changemakers find their soul’s purpose and bring their unique vision to life.

He has trained in multiple therapeutic modalities and holds certificates in Thomas Moore’s Soul Psychology, Compassionate Inquiry and Dream Tending.

“Everything I do is informed by my working class upbringing and values, as well as decades of spiritual seeking and practice and immersion in the study of depth and archetypal psychology, history, philosophy and shamanism.”

His work is fueled by a revolutionary spirit that seeks to dismantle oppressive and hierarchical systems (inner and outer) through processes of soul recovery, decolonization, cultural activism and community-building.

Brian is inspired by the “crazy wisdom” of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Max Gimblett, UG Krishnamurti, TKV Desikachar, Alejandro Jodorowsky and other renegade psychologists, healers, artists and tricksters.

Episode Highlights

  • Brian’s personal story of leaving corporate life to reconnect with his soul’s calling 
  • His unique contributions as a coach, musician, artist and cultural activist assisting creatives and change-makers in finding their purpose
  • The role of psychedelics in his journey and the importance of reintroducing the soul into the psychedelic experience
  • The importance of building your capacity to manage life’s challenges rather than hyper-focusing on your trauma
  • Brian’s skepticism towards notions of a positive global shift in consciousness and psychedelics as a panacea
  • Real change as starting on the grassroots level by creating impact within your immediate community
  • An upcoming project where Brian assists men in connecting with their souls to help them experience more fulfillment in their lives 
  • The significance of men embracing vulnerability and self-exploration 
  • The need to stay connected to your heart in this AI-dominated age
  • Brian’s viewpoint that our society is suffering from ‘soul loss’ and his advocacy for more soul-centered practices and community connection

Brian James’s Links & Resources

▶ Website:

▶ Instagram:

▶ Article: The Rise of Traumadelic Culture & the Capture of Psychedelics

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