Psychedelic Sensemaking, DMT & Saving The World with Alexander Beiner

Alexander Beiner: Psychedelic Sensemaking, DMT & Saving The World, Episode 152, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinstein for an enlightening zig-zag of a conversation with author and journalist, Alexander Beiner. From psychedelic capitalism to metaphysics to changing cultural landscapes, this dialogue is a beautiful exploration of the complex intersections of psychedelics, culture, and society.

Alexander discusses his new book, ‘The Bigger Picture’, and offers many fascinating perspectives on the global challenges society currently faces and how psychedelics and other consciousness-based healing modalities can help us to navigate them towards a saner, healthier, and more peaceful future.

Episode Highlights

▶ About Alexander’s book, ‘The Bigger Picture’
▶ Psychedelics and sense-making (and can we really make sense of all this?)
▶ The role of psychedelics in society
▶ Who should facilitate psychedelic experiences?
▶ The impact of capitalism on the contemporary psychedelic scene
▶ Dynamic tension between ethical approaches and profit-seeking in psychedelic industries
▶ The inconvenience of psychedelics for big pharma
▶ Unavoidable truths psychedelics reveal to us
▶ Concerns around the earth-based psychedelic supply
▶ IV DMT trials Alexander participated in and their impact on him personally
▶ Lessons and insights we can gain as individuals and a collective from psychedelic experiences
▶ Challenges and divisions within the psychedelic community

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