Grow Your Coaching & Healing Business in 7 Weeks

Beth Weinstein: Grow Your Coaching & Healing Business in 7 Weeks, Episode 153, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth as she discusses YOU ARE THE MEDICINE a 7-Week Intensive Group Business Coaching Program designed to help you expand your business. By activating the “root chakra” of your business for clarity, clear communication and connection, this Group Intensive Program first teaches how to get clarity and build a clear, solid business foundation and helps you go from feeling stuck or not sure about how to get clients, to the clear path forward to clarity and clients in your business. In addition to discussing typical entrepreneurial obstacles and offering a variety of client success stories, Beth also highlights the program’s LIVE business and mindset coaching and support, including unlimited coaching and access to a private, like-minded community.  Beth also talks about current opportunities and swift changes occurring in the coaching industry and psychedelic space.

Episode Highlights

  • ▶ Introduction to the 7-Week Business Growth Program
  • ▶ Success stories and program benefits
  • ▶ The importance of clarity in your business
  • ▶ Root chakra and business foundations
  • ▶ Clarity, communication, and connection: The 3 Cs of business success
  • ▶ The challenges of psychedelic integration coaching
  • ▶ Why immediate action is crucial for business growth
  • ▶ Program details and an invitation to join

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