Psychedelics, the Law & the RFRA with Allison Hoots of the Sacred Plant Alliance

Psychedelics, the Law & the RFRA with Attorney Allison Hoots of the Sacred Plant Alliance – Episode 110, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Allison Hoots is an attorney with Hoots Law Practice PLLC. She has had a diverse experience practicing law, including in the legal areas of employment, corporate, contract, employee benefits, tax, and intellectual property. Allison advises companies, nonprofits, religious communities, and practitioners on operations that involve psychedelics, including advising churches on religious use of sacraments. Allison is also President of Sacred Plant Alliance, Inc., a self-regulating organization and professional society of spiritual practitioners with religious communities dedicated to the advancement of the ceremonial use of psychedelic sacraments within the United States. She is a member of Chacruna’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants and the lead author of Chacruna’s Guide to RFRA and Best Practices for Psychedelic Plant Medicine Churches.

In this episode, Allison Hoots and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Allison Hoots is an attorney with broad legal expertise who strongly advocates for education, discernment, and accountability in the psychedelic industry
  • As the president of the Sacred Plant Alliance, Hoots prioritizes the establishment of self-regulation within the psychedelic realm
  • She explains the Sacred Plant Alliance’s anonymous reporting system for emergencies and abuses in the psychedelic space
  • The difficulty in legalizing churches for psychedelic use, noting the need for an affirmative defense
  • Medical screening and informed consent, according to Hoots, are crucial measures for safeguarding both individuals and spiritual communities involved with psychedelics
  • Navigating the risks and benefits of harm reduction practices within the context of illegal drug use, advocating for the balance of enforceable rules and the potential for unintended criminalization
  • How Allison serves as an advisor to companies, nonprofits, religious communities, and practitioners on matters involving psychedelic operations
  • Allison also provides guidance for psychedelic practitioners, helping to craft enforceable agreements to minimize legal risks

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