Ethical Shamanism, Animism & Integrity with Michelle Hawk

Michelle Hawk: Ethical Shamanism, Animism & Integrity, Episode 109, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Michelle Hawk (she/her) began practicing Shamanism in 2003. Her core lineages come from Hungarian and Celtic shamanism. A naturally gifted psychic and intuitive channel, Michelle’s work with Alchemy, Shamanic energies and multiple certifications as a Master Healer allow her to offer the deepest level of transformational work. She mentors and trains practitioners in Ethical Shamanism, Alchemy and the healing arts, and helps people master their intuitive gifts and magical birthright. She is a host of the Shaman Sister Sessions podcast.

In this episode, Michelle Hawk and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Shamanic practitioner Michelle Hawk highlights the importance of respecting ancestral medicine and energetic healing in the psychedelic field
  • She highlights the limitations of the Western clinical therapeutic model and emphasizes the importance of emotional awareness in psychotherapy
  • Michelle warns against serving sacred plant medicines without a proper invitation and permission from the plants themselves
  • She believes that the quest for purpose is often externally motivated, and a true connection to the animistic worldview can provide a deeper sense of aliveness and meaning
  • Despite initial rejection from peers and academia, Hawk surrendered to her true calling and expanded her practice to include shamanic healing and teaching
  • Hawk believes that everyone can serve in their zone of genius, advocating for spiritual practices to be infused into daily life
  • Michelle stresses on the importance of ethical shamanism and integrity in practice, acknowledging the potential for manipulation and harm
  • She emphasizes the importance of slowing down to allow purpose to come through, suggesting that psychedelics aren’t a quick fix for a sense of a lack of purpose
  • She is re-educating and reframing people’s relationship to shamanic practice, particularly in the US, where misconceptions are prevalent

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