What It Takes to Be a Psychedelic Coach or Healer

Beth Weinstein: What It Takes to Be a Psychedelic Coach or Healer, Episode 108, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

The world of entrepreneurship in the psychedelic space is exploding, and while there are more opportunities than ever, there is also more competition. What does it really take to find success? In this solo episode, spiritual business coach Beth Weinstein shines a light on the hard work and consistency you need to commit to in order to thrive as a psychedelic entrepreneur.

Beth shares about how entrepreneurship requires intensive inner work to overcome fears and triggers, including beliefs around money and receiving; how her personal motto, “mission over ego”, serves as a guiding principle; and the ways digging deep into your “WHY” can help you align to your soul’s true path of service.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein shares about…

  • The healing and psychedelic medicine industry is growing rapidly with an increase in psychedelic integration coaches, facilitators and healers
  • Resiliency, consistency and hard work are critical for starting and maintaining a successful business in this space
  • The first three years of a business are crucial for establishing a solid foundation
  • How you balance masculine and feminine energies in your business has a huge impact
  • Fear, doubts, and limiting beliefs can prevent you from being consistent and committed
  • Real success requires digging deep into your “why”
  • Trauma and past experiences can hold people back, but it’s important to find a way to hold both the trauma and the desire to move forward
  • Working through one’s wounding and triggers with self-compassion is key
  • People often get stuck in a story about needing to heal before they can help others
  • Putting your mission above ego drama can help you be a beacon of light for others
  • Beth offers a group mastermind as well as private coaching for those who want to do something unique or at a larger scale

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