Juliana Goldstone: Sex and Psychedelics

Juliana Goldstone: Sex and Psychedelics, Episode 80, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Juliana is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Trauma Informed Plant Medicine Facilitator and Integration Coach. She works at the intersection of psychedelics, sexuality and conscious relationship coaching. The name of her practice is Boldly Embodied and she believes that both psychedelics and sexuality can offer portals into how to live fully and boldly embodied in our relationship to self and others. She is passionate about creating ethical bridges between the psychedelic and sexuality spaces as a form of harm reduction. She offers private coaching and carefully curated programs for individuals, couples, and groups. 

In this episode, Juliana Goldstone and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • How ayahuasca helped Juliana see how her sexual and attachment trauma was affecting the way she showed up in relationships
  • The “edginess” of working as an entrepreneur at the intersection of psychedelics and sexuality 
  • The main themes of Juliana’s couples program and how she works with four primary themes that correspond with the four directions of the medicine wheel  
  • How relationships often deteriorate because we don’t acknowledge the rites of passage that have been missed or need to happen
  • How psychedelic work relates to the couple’s work
  • How Juliana helps couples prepare for and integrate psychedelic experiences
  • Not seeing breakups as failed relationships but rather seeing it as positive transmutations
  • Expanding the definition of what success looks like in a relationship
  • Sexual trauma surfacing in psychedelic experiences
  • The implications of practitioners themselves having unresolved issues and unconsciously trying to get their own needs through their work with clients
  • Whether psychedelic facilitators who cross sexual boundaries should be “canceled” 
  • How the criminalization of psychedelics prevents accountability structures around sexual boundary violations from being put in place
  • How the medicine we offer others is very often the medicine we need most ourselves

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