Shiri Godasi: Entrepreneurship & Psychedelic Integration as Social Activism

Shiri Malcolm Godasi on Psychedelic Integration as Social Activism: Episode 04, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Shiri is a pioneering psychedelic-positive creatrix, coach, visionary entrepreneur and mother. A proponent of Self-shamanism, she is dedicated to creating grassroots systems that empower people to heal, live an authentic & free life and serve their communities to design social change.

A 5-time psychedelic entrepreneur, among Shiri’s organizations are the 501c-3 nonprofit PsychedeLiA Integration Los Angeles, and The Psyched Soul™ Academy – an integration coaching & business mastery certification program for emerging psychedelic leaders.

Her approach draws from transpersonal psychology, Eastern philosophy and shamanism, fusing ancient wisdom with modern practices for a ‘Psyched’ lifestyle.

In this episode, Shiri Malcolm Godasi and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Shiri’s career in psychedelics was born from a heart opening MDMA experience that expanded her
    awareness and revealed that she couldn’t continue living life from the “small shell” she grew up in
  • The common thread in her previous work was creativity and a desire to nurture and connect with other
    people, but she couldn’t find satisfaction and kept changing directions in search of her true soul medicine
  • To be a high calibre integration coach you need to have gone deep in that process yourself over a significant period of time
  • Shiri’s psychedelic integration coach training is really three programs in one: a personal integration healing journey, a professional coaching program, and a sacred business program
  • She’s teaching people how to become leaders in their community and to create the change they want to see in the world
  • Not enough is said about how potentially dangerous psychedelics are: as much as they can help heal and
    manage psychological conditions, they can also cause them
  • Shiri has started speaking publicly about her own challenges with mental health, which she feels in some
    ways have been caused by her psychedelic use
  • None of the organizations she’s created have been planned in her mind – she has a continually
    transforming vision about the way she should live her life and serve – she gives herself permission to
    keep changing so that she can stay in alignment with her truth
  • Psychedelic integration is only one of many modalities that focus on returning to the self, self-ownership,
    mindfulness and self-honoring
  • There is a misconception that psychedelics are a magic bullet that will heal you and all of your trauma
  • Because psychedelics are overhyped, they attract people desperate for healing and dealing with
    circumstantial and personality aspects that actually predispose them to the risks of psychedelic use
  • There isn’t a lot of medical screening, so one of the most important ways that integration coaches are
    serving right now is as gatekeepers of harm reduction
  • If you feel called to facilitate psychedelics, be aware that there’s a big difference between having good intentions and having a skill set
  • There are many training opportunities, and it’s still the wild west – it’s your responsibility to acquire the
    skillset to match your intentions
  • You’re going to gain the most thriving and abundance by supporting people that make your heart sing –
    find out who your soul mate clients are and focus on them

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