Strategy vs. Intuition in Business

Beth Weinstein: Strategy vs. Intuition in Business, Episode 82, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

A soul-level business is not separate from life, it is YOU! It’s an embodiment of who you are as a pillar of light in the world. 

But how do you find your way to your true path? And as you grow your business, how do you stay connected to your unique blueprint while at the same time strategically executing the art of effective 3D sales and marketing?

Listen in to this solo episode and hear Beth Weinstein share powerful insights about the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies as an entrepreneur doing transformational service work.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein shares about…

  • How our outer reality reflects our inner reality
  • The importance of balancing the masculine energy of “strategy” and the feminine energy of “intuition” in business
  • What can happen when you put too much focus on “tuning in” and not enough on action
  • The danger of over-fixating on the “steps” and “tricks” of growing a business
  • Building a business as an art rather than a formula
  • How a business that is only based on formulas is “soulless” and won’t connect with your audience
  • How modalities like somatic therapy, evolutionary astrology, voice alchemy, mindset mastery and subconscious reprogramming can help unblock your business success
  • Your authentic business as your “true path”
  • Feelings of misalignment in your professional work as signals that you are not embodying your true path
  • Divine abundance is located where you are living your soul’s purpose in service
  • The initiation of working through fears and doubts as you launch and grow your business

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