Tarot & Intuition: for Business, Preparation & Integration with Brigit Esselmont

Brigit Esselmont: Tarot & Intuition for Business, Preparation & Integration, Episode 129, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Are tarot cards more than just a mystical tool? Join Beth Weinstein in conversation with Brigit Esselmont, bestselling author and founder of Biddy Tarot, for a journey into the fascinating world of tarot and its potential as a modern, intuitive tool for purpose-driven individuals. 

Brigit shares her personal evolution with tarot, including leaving her corporate job to fully embrace it as a transformative business offering. Her unique perspective emphasizes the empowerment aspect of tarot, using it for intention setting, guidance, and integration.

Brigit reveals how tarot archetypes like the High Priestess have guided her own spiritual growth and encourages others to tap into the power that tarot symbolism offers. Joining intuition and tarot, she reveals how intuitive decision-making can lead to success and fulfillment in business.

Episode Highlights

  • Brigit Esselmont, bestselling author and founder of Biddy Tarot, introduces us to the captivating world of tarot 
  • Brigit’s personal journey with tarot, from its beginnings in 1999 to transforming it into a thriving business in 2009
  • Using tarot as an empowerment tool, providing intention setting, guidance, and integration, including for altered states and meditation
  • Briget’s exploration of tarot archetypes and their connection to psychedelic and mythopoetic experiences 
  • How tarot cards’ layers of meaning and symbolism can help individuals understand and integrate their psychedelic experiences
  • Brigit’s own transformative journey with tarot archetypes, such as the High Priestess
  • Shifting from an operational mindset to a more intuitive approach for success in business
  • The growing trend of embracing intuition in business practices, allowing individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and make purpose-aligned decisions

Brigit Esselmont’s Links & Resources

▶ Website: https://brigitesselmont.com/

▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brigitesselmont/

▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brigitesselmont

▶ Free Gift: Discover what Tarot REALLY is and how to get started – even if you’re completely new: https://www.biddytarot.com/learn-tarot/

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