Karen Gordon: The Medicine, Your Impact & Sacred Reciprocity

Karen Gordon: The Medicine, Your Impact & Sacred Reciprocity, Episode 83, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Equal parts soul-filled scientist, inspired educator, nature therapist and entheogen guide, Karen has been restoring landscapes and facilitating transformative experiences in nature for humans for 30 years. Her work as a restoration ecologist has flowed from the fjords of the North Atlantic and across the reefs of the Caribbean sea, through the Peruvian Amazon and up to Costa Rica’s cloud forested mountaintops.

Founder of the Center for Sacred Ecology and steward of the 40-acre Samanea Nature Sanctuary in Monteverde, Costa Rica Karen creates spaces where nature infuses and informs the awakening human heart. Prayer and ceremony sit at the center of her life.

Karen Gordon has been studying within the Peruvian mestizo vegetalista tradition for 8 years. In addition to regularly serving alongside her mentor in international circles, she holds space for intimate, intentional and heart-filled circles here at home in Costa Rica.

Karen also coordinates traditional 10-day master plant diet immersions in the Peruvian Amazon and guides adult wilderness rites of passage experiences in the mountains of Costa Rica.

She is co-founder of the Costa Rican foundation LAPS (La Alianza de Plantas Sagradas) and the Peruvian Conservation organization La Reserva Rinquía.

In this episode, Karen Gordon and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Wild nature as medicine and the place we can feel our deepest belonging
  • How restoration ecology is often on implemented in places where there has been a traumatic “landscape event”
  • How traumatic events in your life can alter your inner landscape and lead to a slow degradation where you feel less fertile and connected
  • What is needed to regenerate fertility and connectivity if you feel you have lost it
  • How sacred plant medicine work parallels restoration ecology
  • The false belief that if we just leave nature alone it will regenerate itself – sometimes human help is needed
  • Being in a reciprocal relationship with the sacred plant medicine – allowing it to “drink” you
  • Allowing the medicine to inspire you into action
  • Entering into partnership with ayahuasca and other plant medicines and their global mission – are you willing to receive instructions?
  • Being discerning with the “messages” your receive in your work with plant medicine
  • The importance of knowing where your sacred medicines come from
  • Reforestation and medicine regeneration projects in the Amazon
  • Karen’s work with conservation and regeneration in the Reserva Rinquia 
  • How every little bit you do to support the healing of the earth counts
  • The critical importance of the role the private sector plays in conservation and regeneration
  • Ways to get involved with the Reserva Rinquia project! (Please ask Beth about this as well!)
  • Creating space where we can deeply listen to the Amazon and ask the question, “How can I serve?”

Karen Gordon’s Links & Resources

Karen’s website  http://revivehealingarts.com

Karen’s Instagram ▶ Sacred Ecologist:  https://www.instagram.com/sacred.ecologist

Reserva Rinquia ▶  https://www.instagram.com/reserva.rinquia

Holos Global mentioned in our interview ▶ https://holos.global

ICEERS mentioned in our interview ▶  https://www.iceers.org

Karen’s Free Gift ▶: My gift is to provide all listeners to get into the right relationship with their medicines and the Pachamama by donating to the establishment of the Reserva Rinquía

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