Thriving in Psychedelic Community After Facing BPD with Iboga w/ Elizabeth J.O.

Elizabeth J.O.: Thriving in Psychedelic Community After Facing BPD with Iboga, Episode 125, Medicine For These Times: Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Elizabeth J.O. is a Holistic Dietitian Nutritionist and Change Coach with 15 years of clinical experience. Since graduating from Bastyr University, she has studied: coaching, human behavior, psychology, yoga, flow states, and mindfulness-based therapies. In her free time, she offers peer support in online forums and volunteers at festivals providing psychedelic harm reduction with N.E.S.T, Zendo Project, Fireside Project, RestPit, and Sanctuary.

Elizabeth co-founded Altered States Integration in 2012 to reduce the barriers accessing integration services. She is a director at Psychedelic Society of Texas or PsyT and organizes their online chapter. She has also authored Breaking Emotional Addiction: Neurohacking BPD with Ibogaine, detailing her personal healing journey. Elizabeth is passionate about reducing barriers to finding compassionate support for processing non-ordinary states of consciousness. She is currently studying coaching at Lumia.

Episode Highlights

  • Elizabeth challenges conceptions about Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) being contraindicated in the use of psychedelics
  • How iboga provided her significant relief from ruminations and addictive tendencies, which were symptoms of her own BPD
  • The importance of a baseline of emotional well-being before engaging with psychedelics
  • Altered States Integration, co-founded by Elizabeth, which focuses building community through peer integration coaching
  • Elizabeth’s holistic background as a dietician and the nutrition course she is developing to compliment psychedelic work
  • Her book, “Breaking Emotional Addiction: Neurohacking BPD with Ibogaine”, which showcases her personal healing journey
  • The risks of the unregulated psychedelic market in Colorado, where products lack testing and labeling standards
  • Inadequate support and integration for individuals undergoing ketamine therapy
  • Common challenging psychedelic experiences: recreational use gone wrong, lack of substance testing, and unskillful guidance
  • The pitfalls of ego inflation and spiritual bypassing in the psychedelic space
  • The need for community, accessibility and ethical standards in the field

Elizabeth J.O.’s Links & Resources

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