Psychedelic Musings & Memoir with Dr. Katherine MacLean

Dr. Katherine MacLean: Psychedelic Musings & Memoir, Episode 126, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinstein in conversation with Katherine MacLean as they unpack Katherine’s journey into the field of psychedelic research and beyond, including her own story of forgiveness and healing and the writing of her memoir, Midnight Water.

Katherine raises concerns about the current direction of psychedelic research and therapy, questioning the need for strict licensing and regulations, arguing that it may prevent individuals from exploring their own consciousness with true freedom. She also expresses concerns about the commercialization of psychedelics and the potential for profit-driven motives to overshadow the healing potential of these medicines.

Katherine suggests alternative approaches to psychedelic therapy, such as creating public supplies of MDMA that are quality-tested and allow individuals to have a limited number of therapeutic journeys per year. She also advocates for broadening licensing regulations to allow a greater diversity of people to become guides and support others in their psychedelic experiences beyond the medical model.

Episode Highlights

  • Katherine’s personal journey with substances, including alcohol, MDMA, and mushrooms during her college years
  • Her path into the realm of psychedelic research and the scarcity of resources and support she faced there
  • How Katherine discovered her natural gift for helping people navigate challenging experiences as a researcher and guide in psychedelic therapy sessions
  • Concerns about the current direction of psychedelic research and development
  • Possible alternative approaches, such as public supplies of purity-tested MDMA and more inclusive training programs for guides
  • Why individuals should have autonomy in their own drug use
  • Katherine’s personal journey of forgiveness and healing
  • Katherine’s new memoir, Midnight Water

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