How I Made $19K While Offline at Burning Man

Beth Weinstein: How I Made $19K While Offline at Burning Man, Episode 127, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Can your business thrive while you’re offline having fun on vacation? Beth Weinstein shares about how she recently made $19,000 while at Burning Man and explains why setting up your business correctly from the start is crucial.

Beth underscores the significance of having proper structures, support systems, automations, and a reliable team in place, so that your business can run smoothly, even in your absence. She also emphasizes the need to invest in learning the right steps for sustainable growth, working in your zone of genius, and seeking guidance from a business coach or a group coaching program to save time and energy. supporting others in the industry.

Episode Highlights

  • How Beth made $19,000 while having a blast at Burning Man!
  • The importance of setting up your business correctly from the beginning to be able to make money while you are offline
  • Beth’s experience manifesting a new client who made the first payment while she was at Burning Man
  • Having proper structures, support systems, automations, and a team in place that allows your business to run smoothly and make money while you’re away
  • The benefits of working in your zone of genius and focusing on what you love to do
  • The value of investing in a business coach for guidance, time-saving, and energy-saving
  • Shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance and recognizing the long-term benefits of investing in your business
  • The value of building genuine relationships and supporting others in the industry

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