Transforming Your Money Mindset (With Integrity) 

Beth Weinstein: Transforming Your Money Mindset (With Integrity), Episode 164, Medicine for These Times

How do you balance making good money in your business with integrity and staying true to your values? Join Beth as she explores the topic of money and the importance of integrity in both business and life, especially as you pursue deeper service in fields such as psychedelics, coaching, healing, therapy, or the transformational industry. Beth shares how she works with the people in her coaching programs to overcome imposter syndrome and go through the deep process of overcoming blocks related to money, value, and worthiness. She also shares practical tips for how to price your services by shifting your money mindset.

Episode Highlights

▶ An honest look at pricing in the coaching industry

▶ The importance of valuing your services and time

▶ How to price your services with integrity

▶ The deeper work needed to shift your money mindset

▶ How to overcome imposter syndrome

▶ How to find balance and establish your own worth

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