In my Business Coaching Programs, I show people how to go about growing their ideas and dreams into a real spiritually-based business. 

For example, in my True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program, my clients get great traction in their business….they get interest….they get clients…and they make money. And they got people to see them (and their work) in a new light.  

In the beginning, my clients always come to me with a vision. Or they come to me with even just a vague idea of what they dream their business to be. 

And sometimes my clients come to me completely unclear, not knowing how their business will look…but willing to follow a process and my coaching to figure it out.

Even when my clients have no clarity around their business, when they followed the step-by-step system of my Coaching Program, they got results. 

Here’s the very first thing they did in my Coaching Program:

Get clarity. 

We work solely on getting clarity on what direction to take their big idea.  And this doesn’t mean that whatever they choose to focus on in the program is what they’re going to do the rest of their lives…

It just means they are following their intuition right now. What feels good right now?   

They learn to trust and have faith in their own personal experiment. And that can be deeply empowering.  And it is.  My clients are constantly empowered by their own visions. 

In the beginning, I show them to lean into the idea that’s calling them the most.  And when they try this and they get into action, they always end up getting a client. 

After they’ve moved out of the “clarity” phase, they eventually have to put themselves out there. 

Later on, I show them how to communicate their offer into existence.  I tell them, “Okay, now you have to go share about this with your friends, your network, on Facebook, in a workshop, online, etc…”

How you deliver your content doesn’t really matter all that much. You can choose whichever medium calls to you…

But you have to go do something or else no one’s going to know what you offer. 

I can’t say it enough.  Everyone I know who’s followed these steps has had success (myself included):

  1. Get Clarity
  2. Create your Offering (i.e. a coaching program)
  3. Share your Program (i.e. Share Your Unique Medicine)

The only people I’ve seen who have not had results didn’t do much of the work. One client comes to mind. She had some vibrational shifts but she wasn’t willing to put in the work, or get out of her comfort zone, so she didn’t get very many results.

That really bums me out because I see so much potential in people. Potential to build the life and business they really want.  But if they don’t do a little work, I can’t help them.

But she also came to me feeling like she had no clarity.  And she was really stuck not believing in herself at all.

She would constantly second-guess her own ideas and second-guess herself.  And then she kind of just “retreated” for a big portion of the program. She went away, didn’t do much, and didn’t step out of her comfort zone. 

The point is, she didn’t follow the system, so she didn’t get very many results. I wish her well.  

Anyway, most people come to me with some sort of idea or they’re exploring a few ideas.  And then when they follow the system I’ve developed for them, they get massive clarity around what they want to do. 

And when they are clear, they start to build serious momentum in their business.

Like I said above, sometimes things shift.  

Maybe this business idea won’t be what you do for the rest of your life.  I’ve had clients change niches a few times. I’ve gotten more clear and clear on who I’m here to serve (people on a deep spiritual path; medicine folk; New Earth Leaders, etc).  It’s not only okay, but it’s GOOD! You evolve, you change. These things happen… and it doesn’t mean you won’t have clients or income coming in when you change niches or shift your business around.

But if you just do the work and put a little effort in… you WILL get results. 

My Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program always has people in it who are getting fast results and kicking booty.  

But I’m only talking about the Mastermind Program so you can see firsthand what happens when you get support in a coaching container, get clarity and get into action.

You can move from clarity to momentum with relative ease.  And you can do the work knowing exactly what steps to do first and what steps to take next because I’m there giving you the steps.

Now, I’m not sure when I’ll be running another Group Business Coaching Program again.  Last year, I only offered two – a short one and a deep-dive 12-month program for people who are serious and committed.

But I don’t recommend waiting around for my next program to start. 

Why?  Because if you have even the slightest idea of what you want to do in life and business…you need to express it.  

Which is exactly what you’ll do in The True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program.   

You’ll get clarity, structure your business, have a clear offer to sell, learn how to find your ideal clients who want it, and learn to enroll them say “yes!” to your offer so you can help people, have consistent clients, and income coming in from your business. 

You need to get it out there for the world to hear you.  Don’t bottle it up inside… this is your soul’s purpose we’re talking about here!

Otherwise, you’ll never know what results you “could have” gotten.  Otherwise, you may never get the chance to fulfill the purpose you were put on Earth. 

Do you know what I say? “Oh what the F&%K, go for it anyway!”

That’s what I did.  And it paid off massively.  I get to travel all over hosting workshops and attending retreats.  All in fields that I truly love: transformation, personal development and psychedelics. 

If you’re interested in getting clarity on your purpose-based business and you want help right away…  join the community of spiritual leaders in the Group Mastermind Program where I’ll help you clarify your business and give you a step by step plan to put them into swing immediately… so you can get your next ideal clients, and create a business you love that supports the lifestyle you want!