Building a Thriving Psychedelic Business from the Ground Up (Part 1)

Building a Thriving Psychedelic Business from the Ground Up (Part 1)

Most of my clients are just starting their coaching, healing or psychedelic businesses. Most of them seem to be at step one and a half right now. 

And that’s great!  We all start at step number 1 and work our way up from there. (Nike is a 30 billion company. They started with ONE running shoe.)

But so many people who first start in one of my coaching programs struggle to stay on the one step they need to be on. 

In fact, a few of them have tried to jump ahead. A client recently asked about YouTube. The other one asked about starting her email list. Another person was asking about one of her new clients. (Which she manifested in just a couple weeks inside The True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Program, by the way!)

Anyways, I always give my clients the same advice whether they’re just starting out or they have an established spiritual business.

Stay on the step you’re on right now.  When you’re done with that step, THEN move on to the next step.

For example, I have a client in my Group Mastermind Program who’s doing really, really well. She’s really taken off in her business… but at the same time, she was trying to do A LOT.

For example, she hired a social media manager.  I told her that might not be the best idea, but she did it anyway. That’s ok.  My clients know if they don’t take my advice I can’t help them.

Then, sure enough, two or three months later, she said, “Hiring the social media manager was pretty useless.”   

She also put up a website, which I also told her wouldn’t be the best move right now.  She didn’t need the fancy website.  She needed CLIENTS.  Sure enough, the website didn’t bring in more clients.   So I told her, “Look, just start giving talks in your local community.”

She’s a functional medicine health coach. Most of her work is going to be local, so that’s where she would find clients eager to work with her.  

So I said, “Don’t worry about the fancy website or Instagram. Start networking with local moms group near your office.”

She took my advice to heart and started seeing massive results.

All of a sudden, people wanted to collaborate with her. A group wanted to bring her in for another talk. She got a couple of clients. She got more leads. She got people who wanted to collaborate.  And she got an invite to do another talk. 

Did it cost her $10K?  No way!  It cost almost nothing.  All she had to do was tap into her local community.

I totally get it.  This tech-centric world we live in is so damn noisy.  It’s easy to fall into the “do a million things at once” trap. 

I’ve fallen into this trap in myself. I remember thinking, “Why is that girl making $2,000,000 when she’s been doing this two years less than me?  I’m not making $2,000,000!”

“What’s she doing? I need to start doing it right now. I need to get selfies. I need a better camera. I need a bigger Insta-following. I need to start doing this. I need to do that. Aghhhh!”

There was a time where I’d stay down in this trap way too long. But now, I’ve built the self-awareness to realize when I’m self-sabotaging. And wasting my energy!

Now I say to myself, “You know what? We do different things in our businesses and in life… That girl I’m comparing myself to is living in Airbnb’s, and I bought a house. I take time offline to go on meditation retreats and Dietas in the jungle, she’s not.  It is what it is. We’re on totally different paths.”

Anyways, here’s the point:

Trying to do too much at once in your spiritual business leads to major overwhelm and procrastination. You need to focus on completing the ONE step you’re on before moving to the next one. 

And “winging it” without knowing what you’re doing doesn’t work.

Most people do what they’re told they should do. Or what they think they should do. So they go do those things people tell them to do. The problem is, if they try to do EVERYTHING they learn right away, they get stuck.

What do they need to do? One practical thing every day that gets them closer to their goals.  

If you’re just starting your own biz… creating your masterpiece… or simply taking action to fulfill your highest purpose…

Stay on the step you’re currently on. Don’t skip ahead before you’re ready. And do whatever it takes to stay out of the “doing a million things at once” trap so you can FOCUS.

I think you’ll find out pretty quickly that the step you’re on needs your undivided attention.

But I know it can be hard to know what step to take first, and what to focus on when there’s sooooo much noise out there…

That’s why I want to invite you to learn more about my spiritual business coaching programs here!

I’ll help you figure out exactly what step you need to be on in your business so you can stop procrastinating, start to focus and take the right actions that actually move the needle and get you the clients and business you want.