Integration, Money & Shadows in the Psychedelic Space with Dr. Ido Cohen

Dr. Ido Cohen: Integration, Money & Shadows in the Psychedelic Space, Episode 161, Medicine for These Times

Dr. Ido Cohen, Psy.D – serves individuals, couples, and groups in San Francisco. He received his Psy.D from the California Institute of Integral Studies and trained at the Jung Institute In San Francisco. He works with a diverse range of challenges childhood trauma, inner critic, relationship and intimacy challenges, lack of fulfillment, psychospiritual growth as well as psychedelic integration and preparation sessions with individuals and groups. His doctoral study researched the integration process of Ayahuasca ceremonies while applying Jungian psychology to better understand how to support individuals in their process of change and transformation.

He is currently finishing a study on the use of psychedelics in couples. He is the founder of “The Integration Circle” and facilitates workshops on the different dimensions of integration and the intersection of mental health, spiritual health, and the entheogenic experience. Ido also teaches with “Psychedelics Today” and is the resident integration facilitator for Doubleblind magazine. Ido is passionate about supporting individuals to create long-term, sustainable change leading to intimate, authentic, expressive, and love-filled lives. In his free time, he likes to find new paths in nature with his dog Luna, marvel at art, write, create, and connect with his community

Episode Highlights

▶Dr. Ido Cohen’s background and work in psychedelics

▶Deep dive into Ayahuasca experiences and integration

▶The importance and challenges of integration in psychedelic therapy

▶The complexities of accessibility and ethics in psychedelic facilitation

▶The complex relationship between money, ethics, and psychedelics

▶The challenges of integration and accountability

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