How To Get Clear on Your Spiritual Business Ideas

“I have so many ideas, I can’t decide what to do… X coaching or Y product or Z program”

Someone said that to me the other day. And the week before.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…! 😂 (or whatever that saying is)

People think they *NEED TO KNOW* how everything will look, and how it will turn out, before they actually START anything.

Come on… if we all knew how everything would look and turn out before we tried it, we’d all die of boredom.  (Think about it. Life would be so blah!)

People like this think they need to know what it is to put their energy into before they actually start *doing* anything.

That’s not how it works. 

We always evolve and change. How would you know if the biz you started in 2014 led you, seemingly accidentally, to a totally different business in 2022 that you love more and makes you more money with less time?  You get my point.

The thing is, this woman who said “I can’t decide what to do” to do has actually been thinking of doing X and Y (and Z) for a long, longgggg time.  For years.

And she’s sooo incredibly talented, and full of so much wisdom. She has so much to share with the world! 

If she had only dived full-on into just one of her business ideas for a while, she’d have consistent income coming from at least that one idea by now. 

Instead, it’s just be a lot of thinking for a few years. And waiting. And thinking. 

And now she has no good income coming in from anything. :/

“Thinking and thinking“ might feel like the right thing to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.  It’s just fear and procrastination in disguise.

Thinking only wastes your time.

More importantly, thinking wastes your precious ENERGY.  The amount of energy used to think, but *do nothing*, could have gone into taking actions towards something….

You see, the beauty of her X and Y, is they actually compliment each other well — they can be built together in tandem, and grow at the same time, if she does the work.

(Although it’s not ideal to try growing 2 things at once if you’re deciding between, say, starting a pet supplies drop-shipping biz vs. developing your own natural makeup line. Totally different things!)

BUT if it’s, say, life coaching vs. hosting retreats…  Or health coaching vs. working on a health-related product?  Yes, it’s possible.

You know what happened when I couldn’t decide on “stay in career I hate” vs. “make  a change”?

I suffered for years and years. But then I took action, made changes and went for it.  I didn’t know what my career or business would look like, I didn’t know how it would turn out.  I climbed on the jungle gym, not some boring corporate ladder.

But the real 🔮MAGIC🔮 happens when you put in the steps, and take the action.  

Only STAGNATION happens when you do nothing. TIME passes by… and ENERGY is wasted.  (Remember, your time is more precious and valuable than money!)

Then you find that you’re stuck and it’s been a year, or 3 years or 5 years…

I don’t want you to be stuck!!  I don’t want you to keep thinking or waiting without any results to show for it. 

It’s just not worth it, and there IS a way out —> it’s called “through”! 


  • Do you have an IDEA (or 2 or 3) for a business? 
  • Do you want to LOVE what you do for a living?  
  • Do you dream of being able TRAVEL and work WHENEVER you want, from anywhere you want, while you make money?

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Like I’ve said before, my Group Mastermind Program is NOT expensive. And this NOT just an “online course”!

To give you an idea: there are some “DIY” online business programs out there that start at $3000 for an 8-week course. These are taught on video and NOT even taught live by the coach!  You do not get 1-1 personalized coaching in those courses. 

My Group Mastermind Program is just a little bit more than the DIY courses, but in the True Path Group Program, you get 12 months (vs. 8 weeks) of LIVE COACHING, plus you’ll get PERSONALIZED 1-1 coaching and attention from me! 

Most programs with this level of support cost 5x more. 

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