Lessons from Burning Man – What the Playa Can Teach You About Business

Yes, seriously. Burning Man can teach you much more than how to have fun in the desert middle of nowhere for a week… Many years ago, I worked in fashion.

I could never go to Burning Man because of fall fashion week and all the work I had to do for weeks before it.

Actually, I missed out on the whole long Labor Day holiday weekend for manyyears. . . . because I worked for someone else who told me what to do, and when to do it.

I also missed vacations with friends, cut family Christmases short, and missed many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

The irony was, one of the reasons I went into that line of work was to travel and see the world. And travel I did! But it was strictly business — I never free time to actually see and enjoy Singapore or Taiwan.

When I lost my “secure” corporate job many years ago, I took time off to travel for a few months.

Sitting on a beach in Cambodia, I thought deeply about why we are here, and what “work” was all about…

Was it to always be miserable? Work hard to grow someone else’s dreams? Live in scarcity and fear, and constantly feel trapped in a “secure” job?

I did not want that anymore. . . I was done. I made a decision to start living a different life.

I decided to do work I really wanted to do, and work for myself so I could a life of FREEDOM on MY SCHEDULE, on MY TERMS.

Which is how I now:

….have two homes and live in the city and in nature

….can travel and work anywhere (planes are great for getting sh*t done!)

….run multiple businesses and always feel inspired to work

….go to any yoga class or a hike at any time, whenever I want

….have weekday afternoon hot chocolate meetings

….take 10 days offline to go to the jungle, or do a Vipassana silent retreat

….go to Burning Man, be offline, and have a blast for 8 days! 🙂

. . . and finally live the life of FREEDOM I dreamed of!

Here’s the truth: if you don’t create your own way of working and making your living for yourself now, the circumstances of our world might just force you to do it sooner than you thought.

You are going to see a lot of “secure” jobs in the work force completely go away because of jobs being replaced by technology, outsourcing, automation and jobs going overseas.

It’s happening more every day…

What will you do then??

If you’re tired of feeling trapped by your work . . . tired of waiting for freedom, then it’s time to create the work and life you truly want.

It’s time to create a life of abundance, impact, freedom and joy that allows you to live life on YOUR TERMS while doing good for others, yourself, and the world.

You only live once, what are you waiting for? Start now.

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