So, I did it. I finally announced “to the world” (and now to YOU) that I’m closing down my other business. This has been a very deeeeep process.

I’m sure if you’re also a +2x entrepreneur, you understand what I mean….

Wavering back and forth between self-critical thoughts of “I FAILED” … and lots of loving, compassionate thoughts of “but it was actually A BIG SUCCESS!” and “I’m SO GRATEFUL for my journey!” And then going public with it. Eek.

I’ve started 3 businesses, and now 1.5 of them are left.

Thankfully the one business left — what you’re seeing right here, my transformational business coaching biz — is the one business that I absolutely LOVE sooo much more than any other business I’ve had, and is a gazillion time more aligned with who I am, all I value, and my deeper mission and purpose for being here.

… and of course because it’s so perfectly aligned with my True Self, it’s also wayyyy more successful and been growing so much faster than any of my other past businesses!

Third time’s a charm.

The truth is, aligning your heart and soul with what you bring out to the world is the “charm”!

The 0.5 business I have left will possibly keep living as a blog, if/when I find time to deal with that. (Anyone want to take over an established running blog?!)

Now the question is… Did I fail?? What is FAILURE? What is SUCCESS? Is there even such a thing?

Click this video below to hear my (maybe a bit odd) thoughts on Failure & Success:

I’d love to know — what do YOU think about this “failure” vs. “success” conundrum? –> Comment on the video to let me know! <–

And be honest when you take a moment to ask yourself this…

Are YOU scared to take steps towards your dreams because you don’t know if you’ll fail or succeed?

What if you are so damn afraid of failure, that you do nothing at all and fail to ever see if you actually succeed?

Are you able to consider that there is no such thing as failure at all??

Comment on the video, or hit reply to let me know what you think!