The Magic Formula for Expansion in Your Spiritual Business

I wrote this from Hawaii on an incredible transformational retreat.

I won’t lie. It’s not all 😎 and 🌞in Hawaii… there have been some super tough moments with emotional triggers.  But, I’m here because I’m committed to massive growth in my life and business, and I know it takes courage to get there. 

You see, whenever you quantum leap into a bigger, brighter, truer version of Yourself and Your Business, it seems that even more of your fears, triggers, shadows and sh*t comes to surface. 

Getting massive expansion and growing the next-level version of your business and life always involves some discomfort, and it can be SUPER triggering…

All those deep feelings of imposter syndrome and “I’m not ____ enough emerge…

All of your insecurities are put to the test…

All of your sh*t surfaces and wants to be seen… 

All of your darkness comes up looking for the light… 

And when you’re triggered like this, you have TWO CHOICES:

(1) Sit with the triggers, feel it fully, and keep going, despite the pain. i.e., GROW + GET FORWARD MOMENTUM.


(2)  Quit, run away, give up, hide from the feelings, and stay in your comfort zone. i.e., STAY THE SAME + STAY STUCK.

I love Seth Godin’s reference to this…he calls it “The Dip” — a temporary setback that can be overcome with persistence.

I remember when I had been running my second business for a couple years, I hit the “Dip” point.  I got traction, but it wasn’t really growing enough.


One day when feeling extremely awful, like a big failure, I broke down balling my eyes out on the floor of my living room…😭 I felt like giving up completely. I considered moving to a third-world country and become a farmer.  I cried thinking how the hell anyone else was able to grow their business, but not me?!?

Worst part was that I felt SO ALONE. Crying. Alone. On the floor. Thinking of going to Plan B, Plan C… Plan Z.

I knew at that point I couldn’t do it all alone, and that I needed help

Friends and family don’t cut it…plus, they have their own stuff to deal with.

I had the courage to invest in getting help, to learn from someone who’s done it before, to have someone there to support me along my journey to grow to the next level.


In the face of wanting to quit? It takes courage.

Feeling your fears and insecurities head-on? Takes courage.

Knowing your are ____ enough and persevering… takes courage.

Moving through transformational experiences like growing your business, or changing your life, takes courage.

There is always a good reason your sh*t surfaces, or challenges arise.

You MUST get uncomfortable, take an honest look at all your doubts, and really see them in order to transform them with your light.

“Darkness is merely the absence of light…” 

It’s so easy to do what’s comfortable and easy. Like:

…Stay stuck, and not make the $ you really want in your business

…Avoid investing in getting help

…Not doing anything different, and not making changes

…Push your dreams aside 

…Stay at a job you don’t love

But deep inside, your spirit yearns for more… you feel an inner knowing that your soul is here for a purpose…

Here’s the truth: sitting with your fears and uncomfortable feelings and having the courage to look into the eyes of fear while you keep taking steps and moving forward is where all the magic happens!

THIS is the “magic formula” for expansion, growth and success in your business.

It is important to get out of your comfort zone if you want to live out your true purpose, follow your heart, and finally start having the career, finances, freedom, and life you truly want.

I’m so thankful for the triggers and discomfort I’ve had because I’m already feeling all the beautiful magic on the other side of it all!!

You too can live a life of magic!!  You will learn all the exact steps to get there when you join my Group Business Coaching Programs.

Will YOU find the courage to stop staying stuck and start getting uncomfortable to get to all magical gifts waiting for you on the other side?