12 Laws of the Jungle: How to Become a Lethal Entrepreneur with Daniel Cleland

Daniel Cleland: 12 Laws of the Jungle: How to Become a Lethal Entrepreneur, Episode 100, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Daniel Cleland is CEO of Soltara Healing Center, which gained worldwide recognition in 2019 as the preeminent Shipibo healing center outside Peru and is now regularly visited by the most prominent influencers, celebrities, and public figures. One of the patrons includes Logan Mader who he met backstage at a concert in 2020 when Mader expressed interest in an ayahuasca retreat at Soltara. Shortly after meeting, Cleland founded the now internationally acclaimed band Savage Existence and Mader produced their debut album, “Animals.” Since then, the Savage Existence has toured with iconic acts like Sepultura, Monstrosity, and more and is working on their second album coming out in 2023. Cleland holds a Masters of Intercultural and International Communication, but he learned his hard-knock style of scaling from years of traveling, living, and hustling in the merciless Amazon jungles of South America. He is often referred to as “The Indiana Jones of Entrepreneurship,” after applying the principles in this book to his company, his band, and everywhere he sets his sights.

Daniel’s new book, “12 Laws of the Jungle: How to Become a Lethal Entrepreneur” has been called “your must-have machete for the jungle of entrepreneurship.” The foreward was written by Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment, and the book lays out the 12 laws Daniel learned while living in the Peruvian jungle and how they are necessary for every entrepreneur to understand to survive and thrive in the unforgiving jungle of entrepreneurship.

In this episode, Daniel Cleland and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • The major accident Daniel was in around age thirty that led him to deeply self-reflect and led him to work with ayahuasca
  • How ayahuasca helped Daniel transform many emotional and spiritual aspects of his being that had been holding him back
  • Choosing entrepreneurship as a path, beginning by leading groups to South America to work with ayahuasca
  • How Daniel’s work with ayahuasca catalyzed enormous creativity and eventually inspired the idea of building an ayahuasca healing center
  • The many challenges of creating and running a healing center from a business standpoint
  • Should work with plant medicines be free? What are some of the real costs involved?
  • Various price points Soltara offers to help make their program accessible to more people
  • Daniel’s new book, 12 Laws of the Jungle: How to Become a Lethal Entrepreneur
  • Should we be using ayahuasca to help catalyze entrepreneurial creativity and solve business problems?
  • Soltara’s approach to integration and the affiliated virtual community called “The Maloca

Daniel Cleland’s Links & Resources

Instagram ▶: https://www.instagram.com/danielccleland

Purchase 12 Laws of the Jungle : How to Become a Lethal Entrepreneur: https://linktr.ee/12lawsofthejungle

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