How to Choose a Psychedelic Integration Coach or Psychedelic Training Program

How to Choose a Psychedelic Integration Coach or Psychedelic Facilitator Training Program with Beth Weinstein – Episode 98, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

The field of psychedelic integration coaching and psychedelic-assisted coaching and healing is growing exponentially, but how should those who want to start a career in the psychedelic space choose the right psychedelic training program for you?  What trainings do you need?  Is getting a certificate even the best way to prepare to hold space for others seeking transformation and healing through psychedelics, or are there any other avenues to explore as well? Join Beth Weinstein as she dives into these and other questions that will help you come to clarity about your best next steps towards becoming a psychedelic integration coach, a psychedelic-assisted coach or healer, or another career in the psychedelic healing industry. 

Beth has worked with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines for over 30 years, and has been coaching her clients to start and grow their psychedelic coaching, psychedelic therapy and other psychedelic healing businesses for many years. Over the years, she has coached her clients through the various challenges of growing their businesses in this relatively new, “taboo” and risky field of psychedelic-assisted healing and psychedelic integration.

Beth also taught a three-part psychedelic business and career elective, “Build your Psychedelic Career or Business” for Psychedelics Today’s Vital Psychedelic Training Program and has spoken on summits, stages and podcasts about the same topic.

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What is Psychedelic Leadership?

In this episode “How to Choose A Psychedelic Training Program”, Beth shares about…

  • The resources page on her website:, which includes a listing of different psychedelic coach and psychedelic facilitation training programs worth considering.  Beth can recommend any of the psychedelic training programs or courses listed here.  She also gives some discount codes for various psychedelic programs listed there.
  • The reality that there’s no one regulating the psychedelic integration coaching field and certifications are therefore not held to any particular standards
  • The best thing you can possibly do to gain experience is your own integration work
  • The huge range of content and approaches different integration coach training programs offer
  • Following the different people who have developed integration programs to see who most resonates with you and your true path
  • Asking yourself, “What has been most helpful in my own integration process?”
  • Identifying your unique medicine within this field and what you would like to be known for
  • Knowing your limitations so that you can guide clients to people with different specializations or have more experienced than you when necessary
  • Training can only get you so far – so do not be afraid to start growing your business and gaining real-world experience while you are still developing your skill set
  • The value of exploring complementary modalities to psychedelic integration as part of your learning process

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