Beth Weinstein: “No, You Do NOT Need to Heal First!”

“No, You Do NOT Need to Heal First!” with Beth Weinstein: Beth Weinstein, Episode 58, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Do you need to “fully” heal before you can help others to heal? Do you have thoughts like, “I’m not ready to serve because I still have too much of my own inner work to do!”?  Listen in to this solo episode with Beth Weinstein as she shares about how core wounds and limiting beliefs may be holding you back on your entrepreneurial path and how you can tap into your innate worthiness so that you can step forward into service and receive the very healing you are seeking for yourself through helping others. Also read this blog post here all about Healing THROUGH Service-Centered, Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein shares about…

  • The notion that “there’s nothing to heal”
  • The reality that you’ll always have “issues” and true healing is not getting rid of them, but accepting and integrating them with wisdom
  • Going beyond your own personal drama by stepping into service for the greater good
  • The beautiful paradox is that your issues actually start to have less charge and your healing is accelerated when you serve others
  • Asking yourself, “What’s beneath the feeling that you need to heal more before you can help others?”
  • Recognizing that not feeling ready to help others is an I indication of a core wound that is subconsciously running you
  • Focusing on helping more than healing
  • The way psychedelic medicines bring us back to the truth that we are all interconnected and how service naturally emerges from the inner knowing

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