Beth Weinstein: What is Psychedelic Leadership?

What is Psychedelic Leadership? Beth Weinstein: Episode 45, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

What makes a great leader in the new paradigm we are creating on earth?  And what does psychedelic leadership really entail? How do you step into your power to become a true leader? Join Beth as she illuminates a new paradigm of leadership not rooted in self-centered competitiveness, but rather in collaboration, generosity, and alignment with your heart’s true purpose….and your connection to something bigger than and well beyond “you”:  your mission, your why, and your vision you have for the planet.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein talks about…

  • The outdated, patriarchal paradigm of leadership most people have been participating in
  • The evolution to a more heart-centered, service-based model of leadership
  • The fears and doubts that hold you back from becoming a true leader
  • The inner work that needs to be done to bring more awareness to your ego’s drive to stay safe
  • Embracing impermanence; how impermanence can fuel your purpose and mission
  • Engaging your witness consciousness to observe your fears rather than be controlled by them
  • Putting love before fear, mission over ego
  • Leading from an abundance mindset
  • Allowing yourself to be Divinely guided
  • Staying connected to the greater vision you have for your life and our world

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