Rak Razam: Psychedelic Cultural Integration, Sustainability & Our Ecological Crisis

Psychedelic Cultural Integration, Sustainability & Our Ecological Crisis with Rak RazamPsychedelic Cultural Integration, Sustainability & Our Ecological Crisis with Rak Razam: Episode 30, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Rak Razam is an alchemical storyteller with his finger on the pulse of tomorrow and the heart of today. A screenwriter, documentary filmmaker, author, journalist, and culture maker, his focus is on the new cultural paradigm birthing in this brave new world.  Join in as Beth Weinstein and Rak Razam discuss the potential of psychedelic healing for the collective, 5-MeO-DMT, global awakening and how psychedelics can play a role in responding to the ecological crisis by helping us recognize and transform its deepest psycho-spiritual and socioeconomic root causes.

In this episode, Beth and Rak discuss …

  • Accepting and leveraging the resources of modern civilization as we implement a new vision for our world
  • How psychedelics impinge upon the prevailing profit model
  • Whether we need to be ‘sick’ to benefit from psychedelics – can we look to these medicines to help us ‘optimize’?
  • Rak’s perspective that the effect of the ecological crisis is a kind of species-level PTSD Our deeply felt sense of separation from nature as a trauma response
  • The global shamanic resurgence and the “entheogenic transfer” from the old world to the new
  • How this global shamanic resurgence is helping people remember and reweave their relationship to the greater whole
  • How the environmental ’emergency’ is becoming an ’emergence’ as we learn to respond from a place of knowing ourselves more deeply
  • A vision for the psychedelic and ecological movements coming together in closer collaboration Issues around the sustainability of the expanding use of psychedelic earth medicines
  • Organic vs. synthetic psychedelic earth medicines Psychedelics as “training wheels” to help us learn how to embody a higher consciousness without medicine
  • Integration as harnessing what you connected to most profoundly in your psychedelic experience/s, and putting that into practice every day
  • How the medicines show us the path, but it is up to us to walk that path

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