Mike Brancatelli: Facilitating Men’s Work, Psychedelics and Fun

Mike Brancatelli on Facilitating Men’s Work, Psychedelics and Fun: Episode 29, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Mike Brancatelli is the host of the Mikeadelic podcast, a facilitator of group experiences for men, psychonaut, mushroom cultivator, medicine facilitator, and … maybe some kind of a coach.

In this episode, Beth and Mike discuss…

  • How psychedelics and liberty go hand in hand
  • The need for more people to have direct experience with psychedelics so that big cultural shifts can happen
  • Psychedelic men’s work Leading from a place of deep trust and connection
  • The power of giving and receiving masculine love in a vulnerable space
  • The healing we experience when we feel safe to ask for help
  • How we grow and thrive in community
  • The importance of FUN! Being the change you want to see and investing in the projects that inspire you

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Mike is hosting a men’s medicine retreat in Costa Rica in early March. It will be at an epic retreat center over 200 acres of jungle and waterfalls, located at https://www.holos.global/ If you are interested please email mikeadelicpod@gmail.com.


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