A. Maia Miller: Trauma to Triumph, Sexual Trauma, Psychedelics, Healing

A. Maia Miller: From Trauma to Triumph: Episode 47, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

As more survivors of childhood sexual abuse speak out, the field of trauma recovery is transforming. One of these powerful voices is today’s guest, trauma consultant and coach, A. Maia Miller.

Maia “Maia” Miller (she/her), MHA, CTP, LPTA, is a Trauma Consultant & Coach, Advocate and Spiritual Mentor with a twenty five year career in healthcare. Founder of A. Maia Miller Consulting, Maia supports, guides and coaches adult womxn survivors of childhood sexual trauma through her one on one program Trauma to Triumph, in workshops and in retreat settings. Maia also consults with organizations and companies in creating trauma informed and trauma sensitive events.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and complex trauma, a healthcare leader and spiritual teacher, Maia has done extensive training and integration work in the context of healing from the impacts of trauma including; adverse childhood experience (ACE) science, neurobiology of trauma, entheogen and psychedelic assisted therapies, expressive art therapy, movement based healing art forms, meditation and visualization practices, sensual healing for CSA survivors and advanced energy work. Her innovative teachings are based on three core principles- education, creative arts and spirituality. Maia guides her clients with reverence and compassion, understanding that there is not one pathway to trauma recovery. She brings a trauma informed care lens to her body of work as well as the wisdom gained from her lived experience as a CSA survivor.

Maia has her Master’s in Healthcare Administration, is a Certified Trauma Professional, a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Ordained Minister.

In this episode, A. Maia Miller and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • How Maia’s early psychedelic revelations catalyzed her journey of trauma healing
  • Maia’s experience recovering memories of childhood sexual abuse through working with psychedelics
  • The challenge of feeling split between your personal and professional passions and learning how to integrate them
  • The pain of carrying toxicity from our families of origin
  • The importance of learning how to self-regulate as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse
  • Unresolved trauma and how it can limit your capacity to experience  joy, pleasure and curiosity
  • Maia’s “call” to work with other survivors of childhood sexual abuse and the specific prayer for guidance that ultimately led her to join Beth’s spiritual Group Business Coaching and Mastermind Program
  • The challenge of confronting fears as a rising entrepreneur while holding space for others at the same time 
  • Maia’s fears about coming out as a sexual abuse survivor and how Beth’s True Path Entrepreneur Business Coaching Program helped her find the courage to do it
  • Maia’s 9-month program for adult womxn survivors of childhood sexual trauma, which combines education, creative arts and spiritual resources
  • Being in integrity with what you offer clients: “walking the walk”
  • Armoring patterns that are created through traumatic experiences and understanding that they are not ‘you’, but rather symptoms of nervous system dysregulation
  • Feeling your wholeness on a cellular level and how this changes who and what you call in and how you operate in the world
  • How birthing your purpose requires loving yourself in a whole new way and trusting that it’s okay to bring your vision to life

A. Maia Miller’s Links & Resources

Maia’s Links: https://linktr.ee/amaiamiller

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a.maia_miller/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alishamaiamiller

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisha-miller/

Free gift, “Top 10 Self-Regulation Practices”: https://bit.ly/maiafreegift


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