Money & Pricing for Psychedelic Facilitators & Coaches

Beth Weinstein: Money & Pricing for Psychedelic Facilitators & Coaches, Episode 104, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

In this solo episode, Beth Weinstein addresses the sensitive topic of money in the psychedelic space. Championing the need for pricing for psychedelic services to be addressed openly and transparently, she speaks about clearly communicating the value of your services and how to price them fairly and in a way that honors your time, energy and experience.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein shares about…

  • There are different narratives around pricing for services in the psychedelic space, including one that says they should be free of charge
  • Undercharging can lead to feelings of resentment 
  • Charging a higher price often results in clients being more invested and engaged in the service
  • Different tiers of pricing, including sliding scale and pro bono work for certain clients
  • The wild variation of pricing in the psychedelic facilitation and coaching world
  • People will find the money for things they value
  • Preparation and integration sessions can increase the value of facilitation or trip-sitting services
  • Clearly communicating the value of services and appropriate pricing is crucial for your business to thrive

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