Steven Jaggers: Breathwork vs Psychedelics: A Somatic Approach

Steven Jaggers: Breathwork vs Psychedelics: A Somatic Approach, Episode 71, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Steven Jaggers is the founder of Somatic Breathwork™, a revolutionary new breathwork modality that helps people get out of their thinking mind and into their bodies. He has a background in teaching Kinesiology, Energetic Anatomy, and is a Neuromuscular Therapist. His love for human optimization and structural/intuitive movement is his passion. He hosts the Mind Body Mentor podcast which interviews some of the top experts in health and wellness today. When he’s not working, you can find him playing music, learning new instruments, and grounding himself outside in nature.

In this episode, Steven Jaggers and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • How Steven’s discovery of breathwork helped him release trapped emotions and enhanced his mental clarity
  • Accelerated breathing as a stressor that if implemented safely and intentionally can also provide an opportunity for deep somatic release and self-regulation
  • How profoundly unresolved trauma can diminish your life
  • Combining breathwork and psychedelics 
  • How trauma can help create growth because it helps you find a new adaptive pattern
  • How as a collective we have a choice between asking ourselves, “What is the new adaptive pattern?” or continuing to experience symptoms of pain
  • Respiration as “re-spiriting” and respiration’s relationship to inspiration (“in-spiriting”)
  • Dissociation as the number one issue in our society
  • How when you start to connect the intelligence of your body, you naturally connect more to the intelligence of the planet
  • How you can only connect to other people as closely as you can connect to yourself
  • Steven’s approach of healing trauma with a focus on the body rather than the story
  • Steven’s perspective that there is no such thing as “self”-development – we need each other to heal
  • Spirituality is response ”ability” – the ability to be conscious and respond consciously
  • Breathwork as a new tool to work with people that is both mind and body-centered
  • Finding your purpose by aligning yourself to what the world is asking for

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