Transmuting Limiting Beliefs for Psychedelic Leadership

Transmuting Limiting Beliefs for Psychedelic Leadership: Episode 32, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Starting a new business as a psychedelic entrepreneur can be scary! As we try to take the first steps, many of you struggle with imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, scarcity mentality … and end up feeling stuck. Sound familiar? Join Beth as she guides you through a potent set of questions to help you get clarity on where we are at with our mindset, and what we can do to create shifts in our thinking that will help you start and grow a successful, purpose-based, heart-centered business we truly love.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein speaks about…

  • The challenge of “imposter syndrome”
  • How the negative stories you tell ourselves keep you stuck and unable to embody or true potential
  • Understanding that feeling fear as an entrepreneur is totally natural, but needs to be faced
  • A set of penetrating questions that can help you shift your mindset and break free of limiting beliefs
  • How to overcome scarcity mindset
  • The incredible ROI – return on investment – that can come from working on your business with the support of a business coach and community
  • How having support as you start and grow your business can help you get clarity, build confidence, and get into positive action
  • The importance of taking action systematically and incrementally to avoid overwhelming your nervous system and creating anxiety
  • Using your future self to make decisions from where you want to go, not where you are now
  • Not being a prisoner to time

Links & Resources:

Beth’s spiritual and psychedelic business coaching programs

Beth’s free psychedelic business training


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