Kat Courtney: Ayahuasca, Dietas & Integrating with the Plants

Kat Courtney: Ayahuasca, Dietas & Integrating with the Plants : Episode 14, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Kat Courtney is a traditionally trained Ayahuasquera and Huachumera with 16 years of plant medicine experience. She is also a psychedelic integration coach and death doula.

In this episode, Kat Courtney and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Kat began apprenticing as an ayahuasca shaman 13 years ago
  • People attending one ceremony after the next without integrating… ‘whispers’ from the plants teachers may become ‘screams’
  • Embodying insights received in ceremony and how to bring them to life, otherwise they are just memories, not lasting changes.
  • Her previous career, how Ayahuasca showed her purpose – she had to get honest with herself and start making changes.
  • Being courageous to own your calling, pursue your true soul’s purpose, and how support then starts to line up!
  • Friending death since birth and how death plays an important role in her work
  • How Ayahuasca is about falling in love with life, not a fear of death
  • Many think psychedelic integration is not needed – and integration is equally as important as the ceremony work itself
  • The benefit of having outside perspectives and support from those who understands plant medicine and the integration process
  • Many people wait for a breakdown before they are motivated to have the breakthrough of receiving help
  • What is a master plant dieta?
  • The dieta as a container to working with a plant that has a vibration you want to become more intimate with… a marriage between our spirit and the spirit of a specific plant
  • There are two different types of dietas: an insulated process with a shamanic guide, or a “social” diet, which allows you to diet plants while engaging in your wordly life.
  • The jungle plant she recommend the most for dietas is Bobinsana, “the cheerleader”, and a powerful teacher of self love. (Which is one of Beth’s favorite plant to diet as well!)
  • Sage teaches the art of energetic protection
  • How plants do not have a voice, and how we can be messengers for them
  • Kat has a specific set of questions she asks an ayahuasca facilitator she’s considering working with
  • Becoming a plant medicine facilitator is a deep relationship with the plants…ask yourself if you truly have permission from the plant to work with it?  The medicine has to say “yes”.
  • If you don’t know the answer is “yes”, get clarity on whether your work with the plant feels aligned or forced – if it feels forced, you need to ask yourself, “What do I need to learn before moving forward as a facilitator?”
  • Kat would like to see Western and indigenous worlds come together more in mutual respect – the larger conversation needs to be more open to indigenous perspectives
  • Her future hope for tailored psychedelic experiences for specific traumas and increased education about which medicines are more useful for which issues
  • Kat’s new book coming out, “Plant Medicine Mystery School” —  learn how to work with the plant world from a place of humility and empowerment
  • Her new business that offers curated guidance about where to safely do ayahuasca, dietas and other psychedelic healing work.

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Kat’s Website: https://www.afterlife.coach/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/afterlifecoach

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theafterlifecoach/

Blog Post: https://www.afterlife.coach/after-life-blog/please-never-do-ayahuasca-without-asking-these-questions-first

Kat’s upcoming book: https://metanoia.press/pmms-press-release/

Use the code BETH15 for 15% off Kat’s coaching packages of 3, 6, and 9 total sessions


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